Catchment area

Geographic location (map) - Catchment area - Community and health status

As Nyangao Hospital became in 2009 District Designated Hospital our new official catchment area is Lindi Rural District having over 250'000 inhabitants.
In practice more than 50% of patients are coming from outside of that area. Majority of them are coming from whole Lindi and Mtwara Region but sometimes from very distant places including Mozambique. In recent months number of the patients from Mozambique is growing and next year after opening new bridge on Ruvuma river which is a national border, number of patients from neighbour country is expected to grow dramatically.

Nyangao is located along the main road connecting Lindi, Mtwara and Masasi. This is the only all-weather road in this part of the country. Public transport is only by bus with no train or landing strip. Nyangao has 15'000 inhabitants. Population of Lindi Region is about 900'000 and neighbouring Mtwara Region about 1200'000.

Nyangao is surrounded by 8 different Districts of Lindi and Mtwara Regions. Each District has its own District Hospital, plus 2 Regional Hospitals.  During last years were established 2 new nereby localized Districts, Ruangwa and Tandahimba and 2 new District Hospitals were opened in each of these Districts. Unfortunately they are very poor equipped and staffed and more serious patients are referred to Nyangao Hospital especially traumatic patients with various complicated fractures.