Events 2009


February. The Regional Medical Officer (RMO) and District Medical Officer (DMO) from Lindi visited the hospital. They were representing the Ministry of Health in connection with the process of assigning the status of District Designated Hospital.

A meeting of the hospital board of directors was held at the hospital.

Two anaesthetists, Dr Aoife Benton and Dr Caroline Larkin arrived from Ireland for two months. They worked in the operating theatre and reviewed the anaesthesia equipment. For the anaesthesia staff, they provided practical training as well as lectures. Dr. Benton's and Dr. Larkin's contributions were greatly appreciated and they are welcome to return any time.



A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of St. Walburg's Hospital took place this month. Guests included     Bishop Bruno Ngonyani from Lindi, representatives of the Diocese, the Regional Commissioner of Lindi, the District Commissioner of Lindi Rural District, the RMO, the DMO, and from Germany, Mrs. Nicola who is a supporter of the hospital.


March. Mrs. Barbara Boniface, a pharmacist and her husband,    Anthony Boniface, an engineer, VSO volunteers, arrived from England.





Ms. Johanna van den Boogaard, a laboratory technician from the Netherlands, also with VSO, joined the hospital staff. She will be working in the laboratory as Advisor to the Lab in Charge.


July. The hospital was officially recognized as a Council Designated Hospital (CDH), for Lindi Rural District and received a related budget from the Ministry of Health.

August. Three clinical officers (CO), new graduates of the Clinical Officer Training College (COTC), Lindi joined the clinical staff. From left to right: Frank Mutashobia, Josephine Ngonyani and Hamis Ngavalanga.



September. Br. Maximillian OSB, an old friend of the hospital, came to visit repaired various equipment and machinery.

The hospital received a variety of equipment, including a new autoclave, four oxygen concentrators and two suction machines. These were installed with the help of technicians from TAMEQ and CCBRT Hospital, Dar es Salaam.

The Board of Directors met and established a revised set of members.


On Sept. 30, a seminar on trauma management was conducted, organized with assistance from the Tanzania German Programme to Support Health (TGPSH) and DHQM Fund. Twenty two  Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) and COs from 9 neighbouring hospitals from Lindi and Mtwara Regions participated in the seminar. Dr. Margaret Fockenberg, surgeon from Tandahimba and Dr. Ryszard Jankiewicz, surgeon from Nyangao provided presentations on the principles of trauma treatment with particular emphasis on fracture management. Following the seminar, a number of the participants applied for short term work at St. Walburg's.



October. With the arrival of Mr. William Kessen, an engineer from Germany, construction of a central sewage system for the hospital was started. He was assisted by Mr. Karim. Work continued throughout the year and should be completed in 2010.



Lack of suitable supplies to construct prosthetic limbs has been an ongoing problem. In light of this, it was amazing to see that our VSO physiotherapist, Michael Toyco had made a prosthetic leg for this 11 year old boy, who had required an amputation due to gangrene following a snake bite. Michael used wooden sticks, PCV pipe, plaster of Paris, bandages and newspaper to make this artificial leg. The boy is able to walk without crutch support. After Michael finishes his contract and returns home, who will be able to construct replacement limbs as this boy grows?


Mr. James Basia was appointed as Patron, the Head Nurse, following the departure of Sr. Martha Mtega OSB.




Thanks to Br. Yoanes Mango OSB, from the workshop at St. Benedict's, Ndanda,  Perkins traction sets were introduced for the many patients requiring traction following fractures.

The hospital web site received a new address .



After long waiting period, an agreement was signed between the Diocese of Lindi and Lindi Rural District Council establishing St. Walburg's Hospital as District (Council) Designated Hospital. The agreement was signed by the Bishop of Lindi, the Vicar General of the Diocese, the Chairmen of the Council and the District Executive Director in Lindi on October.




Dr. Daniela Kietzmann, a German anesthesiologist worked in the operating theatre, and provided intensive training to the anaesthesia staff. Everyone hopes she will return.


November. Two doctors from VSO started working in Nyangao Hospital.

Dr. Faith Paterson from Canada, a family doctor from Canada who recently completed a Diploma in Tropical Medicine. She will divide her time between general medicine responsibilities and patient care organization/staff education.




Dr. Mia Burles, a cardiologist from the USA will be co-ordinating HIV/AIDS activities. She will also provide consultation on difficult cardiology cases.




Early November was a lucky time for the hospital as two new Tanzanian medical staff started working at the hospital:


Dr. Richard Anga, after completing his Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) course was seconded by Lindi Rural District Council.



The anaesthesia staff was reinforced by the arrival of Mr. Johana Kaupunda, an experienced anaesthesia nurse.





With an increasing number of trauma patients, especially those with fractures as a result of motor vehicle accidents,  there has been a great need to accommodate to their needs. With more Perkins traction sets, patients are able to perform active exercises. External fixation is primarily used for open fractures of the legs.



On December 9, Dr. Max Makotha, Assistant Dental Officer (ADO) replaced          Dr. Wambyakale as Medical Officer in Charge of the hospital.





In the hospital there are going intensive works on the central sewage system supervised by Eng. William Kessen and Mr. Karim



Events 2010


January. Ms. Honorata Millanzi, who for many years had been an officer in the Department of Administration started her retirement.

February. Internet connection at the hospital was changed from direct satellite via Afsat, to a less expensive and faster modem system with Vodacom Tanzania. This was possible following the completion of a newly constructed telecommunication tower, located on the outskirts of Nyangao.

Mr. Ronald Wagisha, a VSO volunteer from Uganda joined the administrative staff as an accountant.





March. A one day seminar, entitled 'Council Designated Hospital Activities' was held at the hospital. Attendees included the Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr. Mohamed Ally, Acting District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr. Namahala, Dr. Oberlin Kisanga representing the Tanzanian German Programme to Support Health (TGPSH) and the Ministry of Health (MoH).

The Chief Director of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), Mr. Emanuel Humba visited the hospital. The purpose of his visit was to observe NHIF members receiving Fund services, and to discuss future co-operation. Following three years of upgrading, hospital services are now recognized by NHIF as equivalent to those at a regional level. Therefore, departments having specialist physicians can now have the opportunity to be upgraded to referral level.

Mia Burles left our hospital returning to the USA. Her position as HIV/AIDS Co-ordinator was handed over to Dr. Faith Paterson.

April. A meeting of BoD Nyangao Hospital took place on the 12th of this month.
Dr. G. Masenga from KCMC and Ms. A. Magimba from AMREF visited St. Walburg's in order to review vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF) treatment.

May. Regional celebrations took place a the Hospital for Florence Nightingale (Nurses' Day) was celebrated at the Hospital.


June. Ms. Johanna van den Boogaard, a VSO volunteer, who was working in the laboratory as Advisor to the Lab-in-Charge, completed her contract and returned to the Netherlands.

July.  The operating theatre received a new floor, replacing one that was 20 years old and damaged. This work was possible thanks to the generosity provided by Br. Dr. Ansgar Stuefe, OSB from St. Ottilien Benedictines Prokura in Germany.



Zoe Hrydziuszko, a biomedical scientist from England, and VSO volunteer joined the hospital staff. She is working in the laboratory as Advisor to the Lab in Charge.



                                                                                                                                                                                                September. Two our former Clinical Officers completed two year Assistant Medical Officer Course and resumed work in hospital.


Dr. Alfred Benno AMO             Dr. Simon Baicky AMO

October. Doctor Daniela Kietzmann returned to our hospital after one year and started intensive training for our anesthesia staff with new machine for general halotane anesthesia with automatic ventilation GLOSTAVENT. We are also very grateful for her effort to collect funds for buying that machine and arranging all procedures connected with purchase. She brought also with her very precious for us surgical instruments from Germany and Sweden hospital.


Dr. Kietzmann with new anesthetic machine and personel.










Dr. Elizeo Kibuga AMO started working in Nyangao Hospital posted by DMO Lindi.





Dr. Manfred Nyagali AMO was appointed as a District TB & Leprosy Coordinator
(DTLC) replacing CO Gaufrid Mtendachi who went for  two years AMO course to Tanga.

Unfortunately since few months due to unknown reason there is no supply of anti TB medicaments from MSD what create very hazardous situation for our patients


On 13th of October took place a meeting of the Board of Directors Nyangao Hospital.

Hospital diagnostic equipment was improved by purchase of a new, modern ultrasonography machine.


Excellent and very friendly worker Thomas Simon Lukanga 50 yrs. old  Pharmacy Attendant, working in Nyangao Hospital for 30 years passed away after short and serious sickness.











A new Dr. Ajili Millanzi AMO start working in Nyangao Hospital posted
by DMO Lindi Rural






Klaudio M. Banda 41 yrs. old Statistician working in Nyangao Hospital since 15  years has passed away.



This year we miss traditionally organized Christmas meeting of all hospital staff and visit of all patients distributing them Christmas gifts.


On 24th December hospital was visited by Ministry of Foreing Affairs and International Cooperation Hon. B. Membe who donate for the patients mosquito nets and financially supported those who were most needed.