Events 2011


January. After the departure in December of Barbara and Tony Boniface a new group of VSO volunteers arrived to the hospital.


    Anthea Morris, Strategic Planning Adviser








Jim Pauling, Pediatrician








Pam Pauling, Pharmacist







On 12th January a big friend of our hospital, Fr. John Rockloh OSB, Prokurator from Kurasini Prokura Dar es Salaam, died in an accident He helped several several times to procure items for our hospital from Dar es Salaam and abroad as well as with several hospital transactions.


February. Two ladies from South Korea who visited our hospital have offered a very interesting proposal for the hospital from Nanum organization.


March. The premises for the future Intensive Care Unit were prepared and basic equipment purchased. There is a need to employ trained staff in intensive care.


A group of current VSO volunteers was introduced to the owner of the hospital Bishop B. Ngonyani





April. Hospital contractor Mr. Karim Kiherile who took part in construction of the hospital sewage system and many other projects, died in car accident.


May. Mr. Holywater from KOICA ( Korean International Cooperation Agency ) has visited our hospital in relation to planned  cooperation with Korean Nanum organization.

Mr. Holywater with hospital personnel during presentation at the Hospital.

June. A small but helpful change was introduced. Now patient's files during doctor's round are carried in a special box separated for different rooms on the trolley.



July. Ute Steiner, Hospital Administrator went to Germany after completing her three and half years contract and was replaced on that post by Ronald Wagisha VSO from Uganda, former Hospital Accountant.

August.  Anthea Morris, Strategic Planning Adviser for our hospital from VSO UK finished her work and went back home. During her stay she developed for the hospital long term strategic plan which help in future development.

September.  Dr. Daniela Kietzmann, anesthesiologist with her friend from Sweden ICU Nurse Maria Sandgren arrived to continue training for our anesthetic staff and to help opening Intensive Care Unit in Nyangao Hospital

ICU Nurse Maria Sandgren








Dr. Biskina Salamata after completing AMO training start working in Nyangao Hospital







With great effort from hospital staff and help from Dr. Daniela Kietzman and ICU Nurse Maria Sandgren on the 10th of this month the ICU Unit, probably the only one such unit in South East Tanzania was opened and  admited the first patient.

Intensive training before opening ICU











With first patient of ICU











ICU Patient with new monitor











Felix Mkani, Dental Therapist start working in Nyangao Hospital.

December. Two VSO volunteers Pam and Jim Pauling left our hospital after completing their one year term.
The Hospital missed them very much because both of them  did an excellent job.
Jim appart of everyday duties elaborated and introduced " A novel tick-sheet decision tool for identifying high risk and sick newborns".

Pam additionally to her busy work in Hospital Pharmacy was involved in developing "Majikoni Renovation Project"
o provide comfortable and hygienic conditions for washing and cleaning pots for the patient's relatives living in this building. Project was financed by Tanzanian Development Trust and completed before end of the year.


Washing pots outside the hostel









New washing place after completing project











Events 2012


January. The begining of the new year brought several negative events contrary to traditional optimistic greetings at this time. Two surgeons (Benedictine Sisters) left neighbouring Ndanda Hospital, which significantly increased the flow of surgical patients to Nyangao. At the same time Nyangao Hospital's small surgical staff was weakened by the transfer one of AMO to rural Health Centre. Due to irregular and insufficient financing as well as difficulties with purchasing, the hospital started facing shortages and lack of basic drugs and medical materials.


Fresh supply of crutches for our war with epidemics of fractures




In Anaesthesia News, January 2012, issue 294 an article was published about Nyangao hospital - Anaesthesia in a Tanzanian mission hospital.

March. There was a meeting in our hospital with NHIF Management Team from Dar es Salaam. They praised our service for NHIF patients and promised financial support for some of our new initiatives.

At the end of the month a shocking event happend. Our Parish was attacked by five armed gangsters who broke doors, injured a Parish Priest, watchmens and stole a significant amount of money.

Br. Dr. Ansgar Benedictine Prokurator in St. Otilien, Germany helped us again buying for us an expensive spare part for orthopedic drill.

Swedish family Dr. Petra and Mr. Goran Eklund donated for pregnant women hostel 10 mattresses and mosqito nets as well as several other pieces of equipment like wheel chairs and aluminium crutches.

April. Director of Action Medeor from Dar es Salaam visited our hospital and discussed new forms of co-operation.

Dr. Sr. Fausta, MO joined our hospital staff after completing her medical study in HKMU Dar es Salaam. She started working in Surgical Department.






Dr. Daniela Kietzmann arrived from Europe for her fourth time, for one month. She brougth with her a dermatome financed by Sisters of Tutzing and she helped to get many other important items. She is working with us and training our anesthetic and ICU staff.

New Humeca Sober dermatome (instrument for skin grafting) specially constructed for developing countries and tested in Turiani Hospital, Tanzania. During first time use in Nyangao Hospital.



May. New hospital fees have been introduced differentiating between patients from our catchment area (Lindi Rural District) and those from outside. There are also special fees for private patients. The Financial control system has been revised and corrected.


June. Hospital Laboratory received new, modern Biochemistry machine enable to perform 52 various test at the same time.



July. Nursing Assistant Barnabas Nniwako 52 yrs old, working in our hospital for 26 years, most of the time in Operation Theatre and recently in OPD Theatre, suddenly died.







James Davies, Biomedical scientist, VSO from U.K. started working as a Head of Laboratory. He will stay with us for two years.







September. Dr. Daniela Kietzmann visited our hospital for the second time this year. She brought with her several important instruments and pieces of equipment. Acting as "ambassador" of our hospital in Europe she helped to get a new ultrasonography machine - Aloka for the hospital.

Ronald Wagisha Hospital Administrator went for training and exotic trip to Vietnam to view work of local hospitals. Trip was organized by GIZ.

After a long wait, the Radiology Department received a modern machine for authomatic developing of X-ray pictures.

October. On 12th a meeting was held on renewal contract Council District Hospital between representatives od Nyangao Rural District Council and Lindi Diocese including Hospital Management.

On the next day, Saturday there was a meeting in Lindi of the Fundraising Commitee for future Nursing School in Nyangao. In the meeting participated the District Commisioner, Regional and District Medical Officers as well as many other people interesting to support that idea.

Edgar Chilemba N.O. was re-established as a Patron, (In-charge of Nursing Staff) replacing James Basia who went for retirement.






Dr. Gaufrid Mtendachi returned to Nyangao Hospital after completing two year AMO course and joined surgical staff.







Dr. Sandra Subtil German pediatrician living in UK, VSO, started her one year term in Nyangao Hospital.






Clinical Officer  Richard Komba joined anesthetic staff.






German couple doctors Thomas an Caroline Horn arrived to Nyangao Hospital for short term stay. They donate for the hospital very important medical equipment including two pulsoxymeters, surgical instruments and sutures.








In late 2012, the laboratory introduced a number of changes in blood Bank to reduce the risk of laboratory errors in blood grouping which may lead to the incorrect blood type being transfused to the patient. Firstly, a more reliable method for performing blood groups was introduced bringing the laboratory in line with WHO guidelines. In addition a simple compatibility test between donor and patient blood is now performed before any transfusion is given. To reduce the risk of giving blood to the wrong patient on the wards, the laboratory introduced a system of labeling blood bags, using a paper tag attached to the blood bag on which is written all the patient identification details and blood group. This allows nursing staff to properly check the patient identification before starting the transfusion. (by James Davies Biomedical Scientist)


Claire Liew Pharmacist from VSO UK arrived to Nyangao Hospital.  She has VSO term for two years.








The whole hospital, all patients were equipped with new, heavy duty aluminium clip boards for patients file. Old plastic covers always in very bad shape were replaced.