Events 2015


Our former Clinical Officer and now after completing study Assistant Medical Officer Josephine L. Ngonyani start working again with us in Surgical Department.









On the first of this month Dr. Masanja Kasoga was appointed by  the Bishop as a Doctor In charge of the Hospital and as his his Deputy Dr. Bertram Makota






Good luck for the Hospital. Thanks to fund rising by Sr. Raphaela Haendler OSB former Doctor in charge of Nyangao Hospital we received very important equipment for seriously ill patients:

Four oxygen concentrators with compressor and cylinder enable to store bigger amount of oxygen produced by oxygen concentrator for the time when electricity is not available and high quality suction machine.

Sr. Raphaela Haendler handing over mentioned equipment to Hospital Administrator Mr. John Ngondo.




A new US unit Sonoscape A8 with 2 probes convex and linear arrived from TTM Germany. It replaced unreperable old Aloka SSD 500 unit. New unit was financed by Prokurator from St. Ottilien Mission in Germany Br. Dr. Ansgar Stuefe. A lot of thanks!











At the first of this month an agreement has been signed between Nyangao Hospital an Embassy of Poland concerning implementation of project:

“Quality improvement of surgical treatment in St. Walburg’s Hospital at Nyangao and other hospitals in Lindi and Mtwara region”.

Embassy donated for it 25,000 euro what should be spend to the end of November for:

1. training of doctors in basic surgical skills in form of 2 month practice and 3 days seminar
2. rehabilitation of surgical department
3. purchase of most important surgical equipment.

Two first doctors started practice since 1st of August

Dr. Clemence Haule from                                                             Dr. Siraji Chihuka from
Tandahimba District Hospital                                                        Newala District Hospital


From August Nyangao Hospital received Health Secretary Mr. Geofrey Kombo seconded from Nachingwea District Hospital


On 26th took place an action "Collect rubbish around the hospital" involving most of the staff. Now hospital is much cleaner.                                                                                          









Since beginning of August hospital is sending samples for histology examination to Regional Hospital in Tychy Poland. It is free of charge charity action offered by Dr. Zbigniew Antosz . It allow us to exceed former limits and surprisingly some of results coming back by email after 10 days.









                         Two doctors from Nijmegen the Netherlands Pim Schout and Inge de Grauw joined hospital staff and are planing to
                          work with us for 2 years.



                        Our good and precious friend Dr. Daniela Kietzman arrived to boost work of our anesthetic team and to conduct a seminar
                        for ICU staff.  She also donated   refrigerator   for theatre staff.

Laboratory received equipment for checking Erythrocite Sedemental Rate (ESR) financed by Procurator of St. Ottilien Mission in Germany Br. Dr. Ansgar Stuefe.




Sr. Dr. Fausta Liundi started her postgraduated study - Mastership in Surgery at Catholic University of Health and Allied Studies in Mwanza. She received sponsorship from Diocese Rottenburg - Stuttgart Germany with great help of Dr. Winfried Zacher.
She is expected to be back to Nyangao Hospital after 3 years as a specialist Surgeon.





Sr. Dr. Ursula Mknele In charge of St. Martins Mission Hospital in Kipatimu, Kilwa and Dr. Norbert Achula from Nanyumbu District Hospital started two month practice in Surgical Department of Nyangao Hospital.



Seminar on Basic Surgical Problems With Special Emphasis on Trauma took place in Nyangao Hospital on 29/30 October as a part of mentioned above project sponsored by Embassy of Poland. There were 25 participants from neighboring hospitals Lindi and Mtwara Regions.





Dr. Athumen M. Mambo MO who came from Lindi Hospital start working as TB/Leprosy Officer Lindi DC








On 4th of December took place a meeting closing project financed by Polish Embassy for Nyangao Hospital (mentioned above). Among participants were Vicar General, Chairman of Hospital Board of Directors Fr. A. Chitanda representing owner, District Executive Director of Lindi Rural District Ms. O. Vavunge, Former Minister of Health and former member of Parliament for our area Mr. B. Membe, Deputy District Medical Officer, Secretary of Polish Embassy Mr. S. Wolski and many others. Effects of project were presented.

Guests of meeting signing visitors book and on the right part of received equipment and instruments

Sanitary units before and after rehabilitation.

In December rehabilitation of Ward 3 and 6 was also completed from sources donated by Sr. Raphaela Haendler OSB.


Events 2016



Mr. Siegfried K. Runge who arrived from Germany start working as a Health Management Consultant






An Irish couple of doctors Siobhan Nevillle and Peter O'Reilly both from VSO initiated project Accelerated Care And Treatment Of Mothers And Newborns (ACT) in our hospital.


Dr. Intern Elisante Kilonzo start his voluntary work in Surgical Department.








Dr. Salum Malick Medical Officer from Mkomaindo Hospital in Masasi start his one month practice in Surgical Department.







Nyangao Hospital received among other donations from Project Cure USA sophisticated orthopedic table designed for operations of pelvis and hip joint. Because it exceeded our range of orthopedic operations the table was offered to Muhimbili Orthopedic Institute (MOI) from Dar es Salaam. Executive Director of MOI Dr. Othman Wanin Kiloloma arrived specially to Nyangao to receive mentioned table and he express his gratitude for such donation.

In the hospital has been installed automatic switch starting generator when TANESCO is off. It is enormous help eliminating long and frequent brakes of electrical supply especially during operations.


Dr. Azizi Msangeni Medical Officer from Ndanda Hospital joined our surgical staff for one month practice.








Hospital was visited by two important guests who came from Germany Dr. Winfrid Zacher Diocesan Health Consultant and Mr. Anton Voronin German SES Project Coordinator for Africa. There are on the right side of picture together with Dr. i/c Massanja Kasoga and Mr. S.K. Runge Administrator a.i.



A group of 5 Irish students Alaa Baky, Evan Ryan, Jack Roberts, Aisling Whelan and  Lee Peeperkorn from School of Medicine NUI Galway arrived for Medical Elective Attachment. They brought and donated to the Hospital several precious medical materials.



Since 15 of this month 2 doctors started two months practice in Surgical Department. This is continuation of last year project "Quality improvement of surgical treatment in St. Walburg's Hospital Nyangao, Lindi and Mtwara Regions". financed as Polish Aid by Polish Embassy.

Dr. Ernest Ntauka from District Hospital Ruangwa and Dr. Abubakari Salehe from Kinyonga Hospital Kilwa District


Dutch doctors a couple Pim Schout and Inge de Grauw returned to our hospital after birth of their child in Holland




Dr. Aleksandra Modlinska, specialist internist and diabetology arrived to our hospital. She is a Polish Aid Volunteer sent by Fundation "Science for Development" for project "Improving the quality of medical care provided in Lindi Rural District".







At the end of the month the second volunteer Dr. Katarzyna Pikulska arrived




Both of them hand over to representative of Hospital Administration modern ECG machine, surgical instruments and many other important items.




Dr. Michael Bergerman with his Interplast team from Germany presented their facio-maxillar and plasty operations performed in many countries.


Medical student Katharina Marstaller from Germany spent one month Internship in Nyangao Hospital showing great interest in Surgery.







Surgical team, unfortunately not complete with short term volunteers


Two doctors from Nijmegen the Netherlands Pim Schout and Inge de Grauw who left our hospital last year returned, this time with new born son Mees.



Doctor Daniela Kietzman as every year visited our hospital for few weeks helping to train our anesthetic personnel and bringing most needed equipment.

Since 15th this month second pair of doctors started started  practice in Surgical Department as continuation of project "Quality improvement of surgical treatment in St. Walburg's Hospital Nyangao, Lindi and Mtwara Regions".









Dr. Sunday H. Mankambita from Kitomanga                                                Dr. Juma M. Lilembe from Liwale



Since 15 of this month Dr. Josephine Ngonyani currently from Rutamba Health Centre joined doctors taking part in surgical practice at Nyangao Hospital.


Dr. Winfried Zacher Hospital Health Consultant who arrived for few weeks visited Nyangao Hospital with Nursing School.


Computerized Radiography system donated by Polish Aid organization was fixed and start working.