Events 2017


Two doctors after completing internship in Ndanda start working in Nyangao Hospital


                        Dr. George Ogina                                                         Dr. Joseph John                  




On 25th of this month took place traditional celebration of St. Walburga Day the Patroness of the Hospital. This year it was done on extraordinary scale. A day before on Friday afternoon were organized several sport competitions on stadium near the hospital finalized by football match between Hospital and BodaBoda drivers teams. Large number of participants and spectators confirmed great interest and satisfaction of such event.


On 25th there was a holly mass in Hospital Chappel, parade through the wards and meeting of hospital staff with presence of honorable guests with a  Bishop B. Ngonyani and DMO from Lindi. Several workers were awarded for good work performance. Celebration was ended in good atmosphere  by refreshment.



Hennin Schroeder medical student from Germany arrived for one month clinical internship










Dr. Vincent Kway and Dr. Obed Mlenga after completing internship in Ndanda Hospital started work in Nyangao Hospital



16 accountants of the Diocese of Lindi Health facilities took part in a workshop on the BANANA Accounting System from End of April at Nyangao Hospital


Due to a lightening stroke the Hospitalís central water pump was destroyed in April.  With a tank lorry the Hospital provided clean water to the staff during the one week down time.




Technicians repairing central water pump.






Dr. Ecki Kolbitz, German Gynaecologist, was supporting Nyangao Hospital's maternity department 6th of June to 17th of July.








Doctor Edwin Guerino Chawala from Liwale District Hospital started his 2 month practice in Surgical Department







Medical student Anna Bernrreiter from Germany arrived for one month clinical elective.








Dr. Shabani Idd Manda from Kilwa District Hospital started his 2 month practice in Surgical Department








Medical student from Germany Paul Aspion with his girl friend Lisa Schneider a teacher arrived for his one month practice in Nyangao Hospital









Doctor Daniela Kietzman anesthetist didn't forget about our hospital and arrived as every year to support Nyangao Hospital anesthetic department. She had also interesting presentation on Neonatal Resuscitation



Logistic Management Workshop took place in 16 - 18 October with participants from Nyangao, Mnero and Kipatimu Hospitals, Mtua Health Centre, St. Mary's Dispensary Mtwara and Tunduru Dispensary.


Workshop on "Surgery In Low Resource Settings With Special Emphasis On Trauma" took place on 26 - 27 October. There participate doctors from Hospitals Mtwara, Lindi, Ndanda, Nyangao, Ruangwa, Kilwa Kipatimu, Kilwa Kinyonga, Tandahimba, Mangaka, Nachingwea, Newala, Mnero, Liwale and from Health Centres Kitomanga and Rondo.









Dr. Eirini Bikou, Pediatrician from Greece currently working in UK started work in Nyangao Hospital. She is employed by VSO and her stay with us will be 3 months.







New appointed Administrator Mr. Japhet Kalindu start working in Nyangao Hospital







Hospital was visited by a management team from German  medical company Artemed. There is expected significant support from them in coming years. From left: Dr. Clemens Guth, Dr. Veronika Hofmann, Dr. Judith Corvin



Andreas Fabricius Laboratory Specialist from Germany visited Nyangao Hospital Laboratory for two weeks and created report sharing with various medical authorities and hospital staff.




In last days of the year Ms. Ewelina Lubieniecka Consul of Embassy of Poland visited hospital and review effects of Polish Aid Project for 2017.


The main goal of that project was support for rebuilding old, not used TB ward transforming it for 8 residential apartments for hospital staff and guests called Sr. Lioba apartments.




Events 2018



On 31 of January was held general staff meeting with administration of the hospital on which were presented and discussed important current issues.