Financial Year 2013/2014

As a general policy, cost sharing has been introduced in our hospital, but never cost recovery. Even private patients pay only one third of real treatment costs. One of the major limiting factors in implementing higher cost sharing policies is the poor economic status and poverty of our patients. Some patients compensate their debts by offering casual labour of their relatives. It would be impossible to provide our services without the assistance of local and overseas Benefactors.

Hospital Income in Tshs (1$ = 1800 Tshs) %
Government Grants 1.0365.940.495 54,62
Hospital fees 313.085.000 16,48
National Health Insurance 164.687.000 8,67
Other income e.g. rent, electricity 27.019.882 1,42
Contribution Diocese Lindi 100.000.000 5,26
Donations 257.535123 13,55
Total 1.900.108.005 100,00


The main financial constraints continued to be the same as in previous years. Operational costs escalated as usual due to increased fuel and drug costs. The children under-five, TB patients, patients with specific deformities, poor patients, etc. are treated free.

Hospital Expenditure in Tshs (1$ = 18000Tshs) %
Staff Expences 1.365.940.495 71,89
Drugs/Medical Supplies 286.799.143 15,09
Hospital Supplies 16.840.600 0,89
Med./Technical Equipment 26.191.760 1,34
Health Activities 9.859.220 0,52
Transport & Traveling 63.014.000 3,32
Management & Governance 6.120.100 0,32
Office & Administration 13.513.019 0,71
Electricity & Generator Fuel 63.120.404 3,32
Maintenance 41.956.658 2,21
Other Expenditure 6.752.607 0,36
Total 1.900.108.005 100.00


Almost all hospital equipment, supplies, reagents and the majority of medication reach us through the kindness of our overseas donors and benefactors. A staff grant from the Ministry of Health helped us to pay part of the salaries of qualified staff.


Our sincere and heartfelt thanks are extended to all those who have helped us with money, mind and material. We gratefully acknowledge that it is because of the kindness of both overseas and local donors that we still continue our service.