Our Plans, Needs and Advertisements

Our plans for future:

  • Rehabilitation of hospital buildings and internal elements of architecture
  • Construction of paved road joining hospital with the main tarmac road
  • Mortuary with cooling system
  • Construction of new staffhouses

Our needs:

One of our main problems is shortage of qualified staff, especially Doctors (MO, AMO), Clinical Officers and Nursing Officers. For Tanzanian doctors the hospital offers substantial bonuses in addition to the usual government salary. We also offer good accommodation in doctors' houses. Our hospital has 24 hour electricity, good quality piped water and an internal telephone system. From Nyangao it is easy to use mobile telephone - TIGO, Vodacom and other mobile phone companies. There is also internet connection available from the hospital and privately using Vodacom modem.

If you are interested in joining us please contact Doctor In-charge or Administrator using address:

St. Walburg's Hospital, Nyangao, P.O. Box 1002 Lindi, Tanzania
our e-mail address: nyangaohospital@gmail.com

or phone +255 717 119665


Recent openings for candidates from Tanzania or abroad*:

* Prospective long term workers from abroad should look first for sponsoring organization like VSO, GIZ, Danida, Memisa or other.



Job description for Hospital Administrator
St. Walburg's Hospital, Nyangao

Main Objectives of the Hospital Administrator:

1)    Refers/reports to the Medical Officer Incharge;

2)    Responsible for administration and logistics (purchase of goods, Control of store, security and maintenance of buildings and equipment);

3)    Keeps and observes employment regulations;

4)    Responsible for maintenance, repairs, and safeguards the assets of the Hospital

Specific Objectives:

The Hospital Administrator tries hard to implement vision and mission of the hospital.

S/he will establish and maintain good working relations with the owner of the hospital, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Lindi, the Vicar General, the Treasurer and the Health Secretary as well as all Hospital Governing Board Members including RMO and DMO.

S/he will work on a day-to-day level in very close cooperation with the Medical Officer/Doctor in charge of the hospital who has the overall responsibility for the hospital and is directly answerable to the owner and the Board.

S/he will establish very good working relation with the Hospital Management Team to ensure that the team is informed about all major aspects of the work and actively participates in running and improving the hospital and its services. The same applies to all the Hospital departments.

S/he will strive toward a healthy, encouraging and positive working atmosphere in place with the support of the entire team.

S/he complies with the rules and regulations of the Internal Control Management Manual for hospital operations, and suggests updates from time to time.       

As shown in the Organigram (of the " Internal Control and Management Manual") s/he is responsible for the proper functioning of  groups of work with a number of working units.

Administration & Finance Dept.

Fin & Acc Services

Technical Services

Domestic Services

Admin Services

Accounts Payables

Electrical Mechanical



Accounts Receivable

Building Maintain.



Final Accounts

Severage Waste











They are all important for running the hospital and must receive due attention. Some areas are of special concern:


As the financial situation of the hospital is very difficult it is his/her task

- to make sure that all the essential prerequisites for its functioning in terms of

           - personnel

           - drugs

            - equipment/repairs

            - buildings

            - utilities

            are available at all times while

-  he/she must be restrictive on the expenses side; this includes to identify and avoid all expenses for all the above areas as far as they are not essential.

 In order to identify and decide what is essential and what is not he/she must administer very close interaction with Dr. i/C, Deputy Dr. I/C and other experienced and qualified hospital staff and must consult with them to achieve both these aims.

S/he is responsible for developing – again in cooperation with other staff – a realistic annual budget and this needs to be done in accordance to the calendar and procedure of and in close cooperation with government authorities as far as necessary. S/he supports the MO i/c and other departments in the preparation of the Comprehensive Council Health Plan for presentation on District, Regional and Government level.

S/he is responsible for constantly monitoring the financial situation of the hospital. That includes to   

 - monitor the expenses against the budget

-  constantly monitor the income from all sources which are expected to contribute.

- regularily (daily) check the balance on all hospital bank accounts and

- cross-check the bank statements to the outstanding liabilities and unpaid invoices.

S/he is responsible for the supervision of the consistency of different payrolls of the Hospital (MoH and Hospital payroll) and for the timely payment of salaries and supplements. Generally s/he aims at balancing the hospital’s human resource costs in viable relation to the revenues.  

To make sure that all potential income from fees is realized s/he must continue with the set up of a collection system which impedes loss or makes it impossible.

 For the time being s/he has to provide a monthly and quarterly summary of income vs. expenses to the MO i/c, the HMT and the Diocesan Health Secretary in addition to the overviews for the Hospital Board.

S/he is responsible for proper financial recording and accounting, which is a prerequisite for many of the points made above.

Generally s/he aims at making the hospital financially viable and sustainable and considers developing additional sources of income.

Human Resources

S/he is responsible for all the personnel of the hospital. S/he closely works with the MO i/c and amicably cooperates with the Patron/Matron and the Human Resource Officer for the recruitment of Doctors, Nurses and other hospital staff. S/he directs the Human Resource Officer in this respect and ensures proper personnel management including motivating staff to deliver best services, overseeing them, recruiting, hiring and retaining them – and dismiss them when necessary.

 Annual personnel feedback talks including personnel development perspectives should be an aim. Staff performance should be regularly evaluated and feedback for non performance is communicated and an action planning to rectify the same is done. S/he supports the human resource officer in the Tanzanian OPEN PERFORMANCE REVIEW AND APPRAISAL System (OPRAS).

Support Services

S/he is responsible for the Hospital maintenance team, supervising and coordinating its work in regard to corrective and preventive maintenance and repairs of all equipment and buildings including utilities like electricity and water supplies, waste and sewage management.

S/he is responsible for transport and travel of the hospital and its staff, making sure that it is used only for the essential tasks and assuring that logbooks are filled and controlled regularly.

 S/he is responsible for a proper purchase procedure and for the supervision of the Purchase Officer and the store keeping process including Laboratory, Pharmacy and other departments.

S/he is responsible for the statistics department and for having compiled monthly reports on Medical Service Provision and an Annual Report of the Hospital which serves as information for all the stakeholders as well as promotion for the hospital.

S/he is responsible for any other responsibilities as assigned to her/him by the Chairman of the Hospital Governing Board or by the Vicar General of the Diocese.

December 2016/WZ/SKR