Photo Album

On this page we would like to present photos of our hospital events as well as our current and former staff. We request you to send us your photos of your work in St. Walburg's Hospital. Please send it by post or to our e-mail address: as an attachment, with brief information. Note! Photos sent by e-mail should be in JPEG format and not exceeding 100Kb.

Sr. Raphaela, Sr. Andrea with doctors in eighties


Sr. Andrea a Good Samaritain

Operation Theatre personnel with Sr. Rita, former Hospital Administrator on the front of hospital Chapel


Sr. Reginberta OSB Directress of Nyangao Hospital in ninetees.












This photo was taken in 2000. From the left: Alfred Beno CO, Mwanahamisi Millanzi NA, Justina Nanguka NM , Dr. Berthram Makotha, Julia Hutchison NO, Ernest Millanzi CO, Mary Makota NM. Unfortunately some of them are no longer working in Nyangao.


Doctor Mathan during his work in Nyangao.





Doctor Meyer in Nyangao in 1985 with his old friends who never forgot him.






Angela Smith, former Pharmacist on the left with Jean Cooper former Nursing Instructor recall happy days in Nyangao whilst enjoying a drink in a Scottish pub.

Angela, now married to husband Hardie, emigrated to Australia. We will never forget her excellent work, friendly character and enormous energy. She was spiritus movens of our society.

We hear that Jean is travelling to different continents. We hope that one day she will visit Nyangao again. Our hospital without her is not the same.

St. Walburg's Hospital soccer team in 2002

Dr. Johana Skiba, gynaecologist from Germany who worked in SWH in 1995 with great success.





Gillian North, currently Hyde, Nursing Instructor from VSO worked in SWH from 1994-96.





Leah Lukanga and Alfred Beno both C.O. standing behind Dr. Theresia Wieser i/c of Gyn/Obst Dept. and Dr. Peter Beichel i/c of Medical Dept., Nyangao 1997.

Caroline Abels, Dutch, Physiotherapist from VSO worked in SWH 2001-2003.






Mr. John Dudar, Pharmacist from VSO worked in SWH 2000-2002 with his wife Judy. Now they are at home in Canada but still in active contact with our hospital.






Dutch medical student Marjolein playing with children


Dr. Makotha and Dutch medical student Els with new ultrasonography machine







Farewell VSOs from Mtwara Marije and Tim in Old Trafford Pub


   VSOs of Nyangao Hospital May 2014